Brane offers exceptional tailored software engineering services!

We are a software boutique specialized in problem solving and real value delivery.

Our goal is to deliver custom made solutions focusing on individual needs with fast deliveries and reliable software.

We worked with several technical teams which developed a broad range of applications including healthcare applications, video/chat streaming services, invoicing systems, recommendation engines and ecommerce applications.

Composed by a team of smart thinkers, who have worked in companies big and small, from telecoms to advertisement agencies and startups as engineers, designers, managers, system admins and entrepreneurs; we've seen lots of problems, and we're confident we can help you with yours!

Who we are

  • We are passionate about technology and proficient in both front and back end technologies, used for problem solving and finding ways to meet the client's needs.

    Our goal is to learn as much as we're able to absorb and, using this knowledge, accomplish deliverables that will change people's lives in meaningful ways.